Trust The Process

May 31, 2017

Hey, everyone, we are just about to take off from Vegas. We got to spend the day here with the team and their real estate office. We did some great training earlier today. I just wanted to do a quick sign off to see how proud the Las Vegas team is. And we were just sitting here talking about, “All right, well, what’s today, today is Day 12. What are we going to talk about day 12?” And what we’re going to do is 60 sunrises to success day 12 is on trusting the process. What do I mean by that? Trust the process? 



Well, part of it is understanding that work comes before the results. So sometimes people have this attitude of, as soon as I do a deal, then I’ll promote my business or as soon as I feel better, then I’ll go do that thing. It would be kind of like approaching a campfire, or a wood stove and saying, Hey, give me heat, and then I’ll put wood in. And it doesn’t work like that. We have to trust the process that we put the wood in, then the heat will come. So it’s the same thing with doing your work. I hear people with their business and ask them how their business is doing, and “oh, I don’t, I’m not generating leads, or I’m not getting enough attention.” And I asked him, “Well, how much money are you spending on ads” and they go, “I can’t spend money on ads until I make money.” And it’s kind of backwards, you have got to trust the process. And when you put marketing dollars to work then they’re going to drive traffic to you. So trust the process is also when it comes to eating, right. Okay, trust the process, it doesn’t always just happen because you decided to have a green smoothie in the morning, then all of a sudden, all your health problems are fixed, right? You have to trust the process, that eating right over time is gonna build this, this body or this life or this income that you want. 

Today at the office we did a lesson on trade-offs. And the main phrase in there is you got to give up to go up. So what are you going to give up? To go up? In trusting the process, you got to understand that that, in our minds, faith, and doubt, cannot exist simultaneously. By maintaining that faith, that whatever you’re working on is gonna work out, you bring a positive, winning energy, to the activity to the exercise to the project, I’m gonna bring that winning energy, it’s so much easier to be creative, look at the solution and move forward.

So in trusting the process, you’re just walking forward with a smile the whole way. When I got introduced to the idea of real estate investing, and the lady who brought me on board, she just told me “Look, this is all going to be new to you. And what you gotta do is you got to just trust the process.” And I did, I just took her word for it. In trusting the process what you got to consider is, if the people who are giving you advice, have produced a result that you want, then just listen, just do the darn thing, right. Trust the process, if you want to have a fit body, and they’re a bodybuilder, just trust the process. They’re telling you, if they’re a millionaire, if they’re doing the result that you want, trust the process, and just do what they say. It’s worked out for me. She said, “Hey, read these books.” And she handed me a couple of books. And she said, “You read these books, you’re gonna have some new ideas that are gonna start to shape what you’re going after.” So I just started trusting this process. And I’ve been that way this whole time. And in a few weeks, I’m going to hit the million-dollar mark with the business. And I’m really excited about it. And I’ve been trusting this process the whole way. Because the people in front of me are getting the results that I want. So in trusting the process, it’s the belief that it’s going to work.

Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich, the phrase that I’ve stuck with time and time again is whatever you can believe and conceive, you can achieve. So it’s all about belief and faith with action. Faced with action and that belief, belief, and doubt cannot exist at the same time. So if you’re feeling that doubt, just know that you aren’t creating enough space for belief. You have to cast out the doubt and that belief will be there. This is Day 12, 60 sunrises to success. We’re leaving Vegas here headed to Seattle, Washington. So excited to see you guys in the morning to do some training on our leadership and the 15 laws of growth. So stay plugged in guys. This attitude of gratitude has just been working for me. So hopefully you guys are counting your blessings. 

And I guess part of the last thing I want to say on faith is that sometimes while you’re in a project, maybe, you’re an artist, and you’re creating a big painting, or a sculpture or something, you’re working on something at the very beginning. Sometimes it’s hard to trust the process, it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame. And, so sometimes getting a mentor or asking others to give you some perspective, is also part of the process. Okay, so day 12 is, faith in the process, right, if you are writing down your goals, and you’re working on them, as soon as you write that down and say, that’s what I’m going to do, the only thing in your mind, is the belief that that’s what you’re going to get no more doubt. And it’ll start to come to you. 

There’ll be times when you want to doubt because of the gap between when you decided that’s what you want. And when you actually get it, there is going to be a gap. Don’t be surprised by the gap. That’s just part of the game. And usually, the bigger the goal, the bigger the gap between when you decide it and when you get to manifest it. So stay manifesting. Stay focused, Count your blessings, review the other videos. Okay, we’re on day 12 now. 60 sunrises to success. We’ll come to you tomorrow from Seattle with some new team members, new ideas. Stay plugged in. My main mission is to keep adding value. So thanks for showing up. And we’ll see you guys tomorrow.