August 08, 2017

Alright, guys, we are taken off, back to Salt Lake. We’re in the airport right now, and we had a crazy ride back from the hotel. Tropical storm Franklin, George, or something was messing up the coast earlier. We were driving through some floods. It was wild, but we made it on time. 



I’m excited to bring you today’s lesson, which is day 69. We are going to be talking about trust. There are a couple of keys, number one is to trust yourself to do the right thing. The next is to trust the systems and the processes that you’re engaging in. Three is trusting the people, the equipment, and trusting that it’ll work, whatever it is that you’re doing.

I’m proud of one of our teammates,  Donyetta. She faced her fear, but it took some trust for her. We went scuba diving, and she was planning on hanging out on the beach with us. I said no, we’re going scuba diving. She was like, no way. Are you kidding? I’ve never done anything like that. I was like, look, trust the system. I trust the process. Here’s the equipment. Let’s go, let’s do it. She was terrified, but she did it anyway. Because of that trust, she has a new level of understanding. She’s got new confidence about her. It’s because she engaged in trust. 

Now a lot of the time, most people make the mistake of doubting. They engage in too much doubt. What ends up happening is being ineffective and casting negative energy that makes it so you can’t even be effective. 

I was having dinner with someone, and I told him that we have this new car on the way. It’s coming from across the country, and I’m excited about it. He was like, oh, but you didn’t do this. I doubt it’ll even show up the way they said it would. 

I sat there, I acknowledged his concern, and I cast it away. Everyone at the dinner table was like, Who says that? What the heck does that even mean? I said, Look, I don’t need your doubt. All right, I got enough confidence in myself and my systems, and in the conversations I had, I don’t need your doubt. You keep it, and I cast it away from him. 

People will try to bring doubt to your projects, your ideas, and your systems. First and foremost, double-check who you’re hanging out with. Then if they’re bringing doubt to it, Castaway, tell them you don’t need it. People need that reminder. Faith or trust versus doubt, okay, doubt doesn’t serve anybody. 

What else can we bring to make sure people are still using trust as a way of creating momentum in their projects? I was talking to Vanessa about it. She says you know what, remind people to trust, but verify. If you trust but verify, you can still move forward with confidence.

Jim Rohn says, Don’t mistake, sincerity for accuracy. Right? Sometimes people say, Oh, they must be right. They’re so sincere. We don’t want to make that mistake. It’s called trust but verify. Don’t go around doubting everyone. All we’re saying is trust, but verify. 

So here’s the thing. We had Tropical Storm Franklin coming in here, right. I know some people are terrified of taking off in a storm. I’m walking on this plane with all the trust in the world. I’m going to put my headphones in and listen to some audiobooks. I’m in the middle of relentless by Timothy Gibbons, I believe is his name. He talks about trust a lot in that book, trusting your teammates. It’s about Michael Jordan, how he dominated the NBA for several years, and what he did with trust.

In your business, only work with people you trust, but verify. You need to trust yourself to make the right decisions. If you’re doing this stuff we’re talking about in these videos, you’re going to have a lot of new experiences and opportunities to start trusting systems and processes. 

There’s always something new to learn, but going in with them. Instead of trust versus doubt, you’re going to have a much better experience. It’s going to be fun. It’ll encourage you to do the next one.

Next time you say, Hey, we’re going skydiving, bungee jumping, or zip-lining, she’s not going to approach it with as much fear or doubt as she did last time. Take that lesson, you guys. It looks like they’re calling us up.

We’re about to get on the plane. Start to apply this information that we’ve been dropping here 69 days in a row. Good to see you guys. We’ll check back in soon. Take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out.


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