Visualize The Big Picture

May 25, 2017

All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are here for day seven of 60 Sunrises to success. The formula for taking back your existence. So you don’t die like a punk. Today, what I want to talk to you about is visual. The way to visualize what you are working on and how to bring it about.

The One thing that I learned about vision boards is to have them in a spot where you can see them when you wake up. What I did was I took some masking tape, and I taped it up on my closet wall. Right in the middle is the main thing you are going after.

Then what you want is nine blocks for your vision board. And remember that some things should be for your health, some things should be for your relationships, some things should be skill sets you want to develop and things you want to have. Do not have a vision board that is just nine blocks of stuff. Like a computer, car, airplane, house. Okay, those things are fine, but that is not what the entire vision board is.

Thirty seconds a day is the key to success. When you wake up, you look at it, and right before you go to bed, you look at it. When you look at it you tell yourself, when do I want it? I want it now. Not you know, three months from now or six months from now. The key is I want it now.

Our brains think in pictures. If you put all these pictures in front of you, you are going to start to manifest this stuff. The more vivid, the more accurate, the more clear these pictures are, the faster it comes to you.

The 60 sunrise videos that we are making will lead you down this path. I am very coachable. Over the years, I have hired many coaches, taken a lot of training, and implemented what they’ve been teaching. And so as we lay out the 60-day plan for you guys, this is all the stuff that has worked for me and worked for my business partners.

They are people who are enjoying their life, they feel free, they have control, they’re doing what they want, and that is what we want for you. That’s the community and the culture that we’re putting together for you guys. If it sounds too easy, okay, I know, sometimes we get some advice like that.

That sounds too easy, right? And part of our mind says it’s got to be more complicated than that because if it was so easy, I would have thought it up. And so we don’t do the easy things. The key is to remember that what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.

The 60 sunrises to success are easy to do. Okay, stay focused. Stay plugged into what you want. You will get it. So anyway, appreciate you guys. And, as always take back your existence and don’t die like a punk. Peace Out.

– Michael A. Huggins


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