What You Think About, You Bring About

July 29, 2017

Hi, guys, welcome to day 60 of our 60 sunrises to success. Today is the last day! We did it! Do you remember, in the first video, what we declared? If you guys remember, I was in Times Square, and I said if you follow this blueprint, then you’ll be able to start manifesting and pulling out results like you’ve never been able to in the past. 


On day one, we were in Times Square. I told you guys, I’m working on this. What we’re going to do is we’re going to get an Aston Martin. I put it out there in the world. Well, great news. Yesterday, we finished all the paperwork, we signed on the dotted line, and it is on its way. It is on its way. It’ll be here in nine days!

Well, in 11 days, we’re going to Mexico. So we delayed the delivery a little bit. So we could be back here and show you guys the delivery. We have been working our butt off the last 60 days. It’s not like this was a quick, easy fix. We have been grinding, working hard, hustling, and using all the principles, everything we have covered in all the videos. Within 60 days, we told you we were going to do it, and we did it. It’s going to be beautiful. 

The whole point of this is working on it to prove to you guys that whatever you think about, are you thinking about abundance? Are you thinking about poverty or thinking about struggle? Are you thinking about being the victor or the victim? It’s not always easy, and especially when you’re branching out and doing something new like this. 

So it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. We got some good news for you guys. We have been getting a lot of traction and a lot of great attention with this. People have asked us to go with another series of videos. So we were going to stop it at 60. Today, we decided we’re going to go for 40 more. So we’re going to go to 100. 

You’re going to watch us for 100 days as we keep manifesting the next thing and the next goal and show you guys that you really can take back your existence. What I want to share with you today is why we’re able to do this. We can double our income, pay less in taxes, pay very little interest to banks, and grow our retirement accounts. 

How are we able to do this? What it comes down to is real estate investing. Now a lot of people go, Whoa, that’s risky. I don’t want to do that because it costs too much money. I don’t want to take on that risk. I want to challenge your thinking on that for a couple of reasons. 

One is what is your definition of risk. Think about it this way if five business owners got together, you know, at a meeting and one of them said, you know what, I can’t be a business owner. I’m going to get a job. 

A  business owner will say you’re going to let someone else dictate your income. That’s insane. You’re letting someone else control your schedule and your benefits and all that. No way. I’d never do that. Now let’s flip the coin here. 

Five employees get together, and one says, You know what, I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m going to branch out. I’m going to start my own business. What are they going to say? Whoa, it’s too risky.

 So both sides of the coin, employees and business owners both see the other one as risk. It’s for you to determine at the end of the day, can you control your income? Can you take the time off that you want to take off? Are you in charge? 

If you’re not, it is time to take back your existence. The best way is through entrepreneurship. The best entrepreneur avenue to get started in is real estate. It’s in demand, and it’s never going to go away. 

Here’s what I want to go over and why real estate is ideal. Ideal is an acronym. I stands for income. Real Estate produces income. We got massive income and we have passive income. We don’t have income hourly related to a clock, it just comes in chunks from fixed flips, turning deals, and wholesaling. It also comes in from holdings, doing our rentals, doing our notes doing our land development. So I is for income, these four deductions are ideal. 

We’re now on D for deductions. Most business owners and real estate investors pay very little in tax. Now in case, you guys didn’t know, our government is on a system dependent on taxes. It’s a public government, and they tax the public. Every which way they’re trying to tax and tax and tax. If you have deductions from being a real estate investor and a business owner, you pay much less in tax than the next guy. 

Now, E stands for equity. Depending on what market you’re in and how you’re doing your financing and banking, you can create a ton of equity. Equity is another tool. It’s a financial tool that no one has ever trained in or very few people. You don’t get this training in K through 12. You don’t need this training in college and the academic world. You only get this training in the financial world. Equity is a tool that you can use to create more income. It’s great. 

Then, A in ideal stands for appreciation. We could sit on a property for a year or two, maybe five or 10, depending on what we bought. It will appreciate time and time and time again. It just keeps going up. Appreciate what real estate does. 

Then L stands for leverage. I know many times when I tell people, hey, I’m in real estate, they think, so you’re in construction like you do general contracting. No, I don’t do that. Then they go. Oh, so you must be a realtor. No, I don’t do that. Okay, I leverage all those people. Leverage the elite deal. You can leverage other people’s skills, talents, abilities,  money, and knowledge.

 I want to challenge your thinking on that and invite you to look at it a different way. Think what is scarier? Working for less than what you’re worth, getting taxed more than you need to pay, not getting to benefit from the appreciation in our markets, and getting no leverage. That sounds risky to me. So get in the real estate world. Part of this is just thinking you don’t have to quit your job right away. 

I mean, unless you hate it, then get out of there. You shouldn’t be doing what you love. If you do one rental property a year for the next ten years, you do some velocity banking, like we’ve been talking about, you get those paid off, you never need a job again, our mission here is to simplify your life. 

So you can take it back like we’ve been talking about this whole time. Real estate’s ideal. Thanks for jumping in everyone. Look at all these amazing people.

At the end of the day, if you’re not in real estate or you don’t want to be an entrepreneur, it is time to make that switch. Okay, entrepreneurship is the fastest way from change to change your position. We all know that the borrower is a slave to the lender. We’ve all heard that before, the borrower is a slave to the lender. 

If you don’t understand the game, let’s learn it. Let’s teach it. If you’re frustrated with the path, you’re going down. If you don’t like your job or you don’t like how much you’re paying in taxes, there’s a better way to become an entrepreneur. Be your own bank and build your own business. 

Now, I want to give you a word of caution. That is that most of your friends and family are going to think you’re crazy. They’re going to think it’s never going to work. Not only because they don’t want to look bad if you succeed, but you also become a millionaire, billionaire, you become the financial kit, the goals that you want, you’re going to make them look bad, so they secretly want you to fail. 

That’s, it sounds kind of shitty, and I know it is. The reason I’m bringing this up is that it is not going to be your support group. Okay, your friends and families are not your support group unless they are all already entrepreneurs and business owners. 

What you’re gonna have to do is go to a different group that has like-minded individuals that are committed to growing, and committed to trying new things. They got a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. They are bringing in new information around entrepreneurship, trading ideas with you, you trade ideas with them, get around those like-minded people is going to have the biggest impact. 

So it’s about taking back your existing. Getting on board with what your main mission in life is. It’s not to sit in an office for 40 years and type away or answer phones. That’s not what you were put here to do. It’s also important to know that money-making will not make you happier. 

If that was your goal, I’m here to burst your bubble on that money does not make you happier. Okay, up until about maybe 70,000 in income. There have been some studies that say up until about 70,000 a year, money can improve your happiness, but over that, it’s just keeping score at that point. 

If you want to be happy, study happiness. There is a good book out there called the happiness advantage. Go and check it out. But you guys are awesome. Thanks for tuning in. 

Tune in tomorrow. We will do day 61. We’re going to go another 100 days. We’ll be in Mexico in a few days and we will get the car. We’ll show you guys the next steps. Keep working on this stuff. It’s a few minutes every day that will make a big impact, make a big difference. And then I think we’re going to wrap up. We’ll be in Spain in 40 days. And we’ll be doing lessons from all over the world. So stay tuned. Take back your existence, peace out. 


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