When To Say No

July 10, 2017

Hello World, welcome to day 46 of our 60 sunrises to success, your formula to follow to hit your dreams and hit your goals. It is also 60 steps, 60 things, different ideas, and concepts that you can work on so that you can take back your existence. So you don’t die like a punk. So today, day 46 right at my house, I just finished doing a company webinar for the whole team across the country. And I had a couple of people over at my house. And I want to showcase my buddy Cameron here because he just hit a goal. He just hit a dream, and I’m proud of him. So and as part of following some of these ideas, I’ve been sharing with you. 

So today, day 46. We’re talking about what to say no to versus what to say yes to. And one of the keys that I learned is, does it follow your magnificent obsession or is it lined up with what you’re trying to do? And our magnificent obsession is the one thing that we’re working on day in and day out. It’s the one thing that if we do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. So a lot of times and the more successful you become as your business grows, and you start to raise your vibration and more and more things start becoming attracted to you. Different opportunities that Yeah, they could make money, they could make you a lot of money, but if they’re not lined up with what you’re working on, they are a distraction. And you got to say no to them. Okay, great entrepreneurs say no. 

A great entrepreneur says no, a good entrepreneur says yes, I’ll take that. I’ll take that on. Oh, there’s a business over here. I can buy some gold over here. I can invest in oil over here. There’s this new IPO coming out. There’s this new business I can start on this news this new product I can buy there’s this thing they start saying yes to everything. Pretty soon their jack of all trades master of none. Okay? They’re a jack of all trades. Check casher of none. Okay. So we want to stay focused on the singleness of purpose, and what our magnificent obsession is. So for me, a lot of opportunities are coming up, especially this last year, as Vanessa and I business has been booming. And we’ve had to say no to a lot of things and things that look great. different opportunities to fund TV shows and be a part of other investments of the different income things that sure I could kick ass, we could do a great business growth, big group, big opportunity there, but it doesn’t line up with the main mission. 

So great entrepreneurs say no to things and say yes to very few things. But the things we do say yes to, we hit them big. These are home runs. These are Grand Slams. So in cameras, and more talking about saying yes versus saying no and staying focused on our business and on ours, our growth, whatever that is. Same thing with your health. Same thing with your relationships. We’ve got to see certain things. Yes. Say No. What? What’s your take on this whole thing? 

Yeah, this goes down to who do you listen to and one of those people that you really have to listen to is what you put down in your schedule, the time blocks you put into place, you have to say yes to those and if anything else comes in that wants to distract you during that time. If you want to hit your goal, you want to hit what you’re focused on your singleness of purpose, you got to say no to some things. Just, for instance, earlier today, you asked me if I wanted to go skydiving and I said yes. And I will not. Tomorrow, I’m locked out. Pay time. Yeah. So no skydiving for me. But that would be fun, however, I just want to stay focused on the things that I know will get me to where I want to go.

Yeah, that did just happen. I said we should go skydiving tomorrow and a few other friends going. He said no, it wasn’t in the calendar. I just finished another book where they were talking about how people who don’t protect their time, and if you don’t value your time, others won’t value your time. And so part of saying yes and saying no is value your time. And the whole idea and the concept that they were talking about in the book was when imagining a hoarder, right, someone who’s constantly putting up filling up their house with a whole bunch of stuff. They got a challenge, they have an issue and so it isn’t burning everything in the house. It isn’t throwing everything away. What they would learn how to create success for these people with that condition known as hoarding is to clear off a one, one square foot space on their counter, clear off once one square foot, keep it clean, keep it clear for 24 hours. And if we’re able to do that, then the next 24 hours. Your only mission is to keep it clear. 

You’re going to be tempted to sit down trash or sit down dishes or whatever, but I’ll keep it clear. Keep it clear. And if you do that for another 24 hours, then you expand to two square feet of cleared space. Okay, so this same idea defending the clean space, defending the air you created is the same with your schedule and being able to say yes and being able to say no, that’s you defending your space, your schedule, so say yes to the things that are aligned with your mission and say no to everything else. Okay, and opportunities never lost. It just goes to someone else. So remember, take back your existence ladies and gentlemen or die like a punk. Peace out.